It’s Your Day: Make it Your Own

One of the things we love about wedding photography is that every wedding is unique; reflecting the personalities and characteristics of our couples. There are many ways to
personalize your wedding and make it your own. Tying in cultural elements and traditions is but one of them. We thought we would share just a few of the cultural traditions we have been fortunate enough to witness and capture as wedding photographers.

We have all seen the beautiful artwork of henna artists. Women are traditionally adorned with henna for special occasions in many cultures. Before the wedding, a henna celebration with song and dance often takes place the night the bride and other women in the family have their henna applied.

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Nigerian weddings are vibrant and full of life. Adding to this colourful occasion is the money spray. While the bride and groom dance, they are sprayed with paper bills, which are
often placed on their foreheads. As this celebration of the bride and groom continues, a family member is usually standing by to collect the sprayed money for the couple.

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There are a number of ceremonial dances associated with Macedonian weddings. One of these is the bread dance. While there may be a few variations to this traditional festivity, guests fill the dance floor dancing in a circle and the bride and groom break a round loaf of bread in two.

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It is said that the one who ends up with the larger half will be the one who takes the lead of the household. This one was too close to call! :).

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The Chinese tea ceremony is steeped in tradition. During this ceremony, the bride and groom serve tea and show their gratitude to immediate family. As the tea is served to family members in a specific order, blessings and gifts are bestowed upon the bride and groom.

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When planning your wedding, what elements will make your wedding unique to you as a couple? It may be infused with cultural traditions, or anything else that represents you. Perhaps going green is important to you; maybe a small intimate affair with a cocktail reception is more your style; or, perhaps the beach is calling you. Whatever it is, this is your day so feel free to take some liberties to make it your own.

~Sheryl and Kevin

Tea Ceremony

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