Vervet Monkey

December 9, 2015

It is hard to believe a year has passed since we made our way to the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa to volunteer our photography services.  During our two week stay at the foundation we learned so much about the complexities of this threatened species and their importance to the overall ecosystem.  Everything has its purpose and the benefits of preserving and respecting our wildlife go well beyond maintaining a particular species.

While we never know what to expect when we step out to pursue new opportunities, we generally always come back with the feeling that it was well worth it.  And this experience was no exception.  The lessons we learned, relationships we made, as well as the knowledge that our photographs are being used to promote this worthy effort are just a few of the reasons we have great memories of this trip.

Not to mention being mesmerized by the vervets’ behaviour and the opportunity to capture them in their natural environment every day…

Vervet Monkey_0002

It was baby season while we were at the Foundation… and there were lots of babies, most of whom were just trying to ‘find their legs’ on the trees.

Vervet Monkey_0001Vervet Monkey_0003Vervet Monkey_0004

Then, there were the experienced climbers and of course the juveniles who played in the trees for hours at a time.  But, when the flying ants came out after a rain, they found other ways to entertain themselves…

Vervet Monkey_0005

For some, perhaps it’s just better to travel on Mom’s or Auntie’s back rather than navigate those trees alone…

Vervet Monkey_0007Vervet Monkey_0008

Thanks to the Vervet Monkey Foundation for hosting us and for allowing us to utilize our passion for wildlife photography to assist in the promotion of your amazing work.

Be sure to visit the Vervet Monkey Foundation website to learn more about what they do:  Vervet Monkey Foundation

-Kevin + Sheryl

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